Merit to buy a used car

What kind of thing will a merit of the used car purchase be?
In the case of a side to sell, I can obtain cash by selling a car.
In the case of a side to buy, is it not to be able to obtain the car which I want cheaply?
I think that a car is not necessary, and the side to sell often parts.
Because I cannot easily start it to large-size refuse even if not necessary, labor is necessary at all for disposing of the car.
When it looks like it, what the place where I can dispose of the used car including the used car purchase specialty store is is very convenient.
Besides, I am glad that I can obtain cash by selling.
Because it is thought that there is much number to dispose of the car in being one time for one in the case of a district in the family from one time, it is useful very much that there is a used car purchase.
When it looks like it, I can perform a used car purchase.
Even if an amount of money is high by new car, I can obtain a used car because the half price is possible.
Particularly, I cannot obtain the car which it does not produce when it is not a used car purchase.

The trend is to import japanese used cars!