A Hiace used in Japan is popular abroad.

The Japanese Hiace is the car that popularity is high in not only the small market of Japan but also the markets of the world.
The which I think that there is much Japanese company which has looked at the car which I get into with a logo becoming available in TV in foreign countries, but, in fact, this logo entered is popularity! It is popular with the Japanese used Hiaces so as to be said
1, The Japanese takes good care of a car
There are very many people taking good care of a car in Japan.
There is the car inspection, too and maintains it and washes a car.
There is much that a lot of one to consider as property takes good care of a car very much.
2, There are many paved ways well in Japan
The car which ran on the car which ran on the road which was not paved 100,000 kilos and the paved road 100,000 kilos.
After all the hurt conditions of the car are different.
The used Hiace employed for such a reason in own country Japan is popular.
In Japan, the demand for Hiace who influences it, and can load the room with outdoor gear and motocross, a bicycle or a canoe without unreasonableness of the diversification of the hobby is high. The room having high durability and customized flexibility becomes popular.
A lot of corporations which prefer a more expensive Hiace to other car models including the durability, depreciation dominate it now as royal road of the working car.